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And Now for a Commercial Break…

I have an approximately 20‐minute commute to and from work. Every morning I listen to my favorite radio station, as I am sure you do. One morning last week, the radio crew was discussing how TV networks are talking about cutting commercial time to compete with Netflix and Hulu. The Fox Network announced its goal by 2020 is to reduce commercial time to 2 minutes per hour! Now the marketing side of me thought, ​“Wow! If you want to buy ad time… READ

Have You Been to the NPF?

We are right on top of the USPS Postal Forum for this year. It is being held in Baltimore, MD, and the industry is all a buzz. Emails upon emails asking, ​“Will I see you there?” or, ​“Stop in and see me at booth number whatever!” Last year when I attended, the event was in Nashville. It was great to see peers and the genuine excitement that seems to empower everyone. The forum opener is usually kicked off by a great band… READ

Are You Informed?

Freshly back from the USPS National Postal Forum, there are a couple of fun things to share and some new ​”buzzwords” that kept everyone intrigued. I’ve heard that approximately 30% of the attendees were first timers. That was great to hear as mail continues to be trending upward, remaining a strong marketing channel. Also, Meghan Brennan, the USPS Postmaster General, announced that First‐Class Letter Mailers will receive the 3rd oz. free next year. And for those of you who like to… READ