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Will Informed Delivery Help You Communicate with Your Customers?

Communication seems to be one of those things you’re either good at or you’re not. No matter what form of communication you use everyone seems to read and hear things different. They place their own spin on the topic, even allowing emotions to have a say in the meaning they gather.   I think you would agree that sometimes just picking up the phone and talking something out turns out to be the best alternative in the long run. Other times, a… READ

Do YOU love print?

In my LinkedIn email feed today was a tiny little heading that read, ​“Why do YOU love print?” If you are like me, you get a ton of emails and every once in a while a heading captures your interest. The article was written by Renee O’Donnell and placed in the group I belong to called Print Production Professionals.     In the article she discusses her passion for print, her love of paper, fonts and how they are tangible. At the… READ

Informed Decisions and the Consequences of Nudging

The latest postal buzzword is Informed Delivery (ID). You can now sign up to get an email picture of your regular mail contents, but not until they’re ready for delivery. There are plans to make it more interactive to leverage the marketing power of the Internet, but at some point you have to ask, ​“If that’s effective, why send the physical mail at all?” Is the USPS email more clickable than any other marketing maneuver? If you’re involved in retail, I bet… READ

New USPS Program Puts the Fun Back Into Receiving Mail

Do you remember being a kid and getting so excited when you got mail? I recall running home from school for weeks waiting for packages of building blocks we ordered and had to allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Who would wait that long now days! I remember being so very excited even when it was just a letter from Gramma!  Well, the U.S. Postal Service has found a way for you to get excited again about your mail. But instead… READ

Are You Informed?

Freshly back from the USPS National Postal Forum, there are a couple of fun things to share and some new ​”buzzwords” that kept everyone intrigued. I’ve heard that approximately 30% of the attendees were first timers. That was great to hear as mail continues to be trending upward, remaining a strong marketing channel. Also, Meghan Brennan, the USPS Postmaster General, announced that First‐Class Letter Mailers will receive the 3rd oz. free next year. And for those of you who like to… READ