Frequently Asked Questions


What is your average quote turnaround time?
Answer: On average 18 – 36 hours. However, quicker turn times may be possible depending on the project.

Prepress & Specifications

If you find you have questions beyond the following FAQs, please contact James Wamser via email or at (800) 321‑3136, #532.

How much bleed allowance do I need?
Answer: We recommend .25″ bleed allowance.

How much margin allowance do I need?
Answer: Allow .25″ minimum.

When submitting electronic native files for printing, what will I need to include with the files?
Besides your native files, we’ll also need any fonts and all graphic files that you used to create your project. If you’re using InDesign, Packaging your file will include your fonts and graphics, if you’re using QuarkXPress, you should Collect for Output.

What page size should I setup my document(s)?
Always build your documents to final trim size with proper margins and bleed mentioned above.

What does total ink limit” mean?
This maximum total dot percentage that a grade of paper can accept is referred to as either Total Ink Coverage (or Limit) or Total Area Coverage. When this specification is ignored, there can be disappointment in color reproduction and the ink may not dry properly on the sheet.

What does under color removal (UCR)” mean?
UCR is used to reduce the yellow, magenta and cyan dot percentages in any 4/color images by replacing them with increased amounts of black ink. This is a method to manage Total Ink Coverage [defined above] for best printing result. As page files are processed, images are automatically checked and adjusted to conform to maximum ink limits based on stock type and print method.

Do I need to be concerned about my 4‐color images’ total ink limit?
Yes. If your ink limits are too high, there is a potential that your images could offset onto the facing page. Conversely, if your total ink limits are very low, your blacks could potentially lack richness and depth. Contact us for more details before creating your files.

Do I need to be concerned about the color mode in which my images are setup?
For optimum image quality and reproduction, you should be concerned. Black images should be saved in Grayscale mode and 4‐color images should be saved in CMYK mode, not RGB.

Do you have preferred PDF settings I should use when creating my PDFs to print at Ripon?
Yes, check out our web site or contact James Wamser. He will email the appropriate settings to you.

Can I submit a file for review prior to printing? Is there any cost? How long does it take?
We recommend submitting a test file at least five days prior to printing. There is no cost for us to review your file. File testing is performed daily but allow up to three business days for results so you have time to adjust your files if need be before submitting them for printing.

This is my first time printing with Ripon. Is there anyone I can contact with Technical questions?
Please feel free to contact James Wamser. He can answer your questions or walk you through any technical issues related to producing a project at Ripon Printers.

Mailing/List Processing

What is included in your presort charges?
Our price includes all processes required to qualify your mailing for presort discounts including address verification, recipient forward address updating, all necessary paperwork to process the mailing, and more. Our pricing depends on the number of records processed. For specific details about what is included call Diana Olm in our Mail List Processing Department at (800) 321‑3136, x248 or diana.​olm@​walsworth.​com.

Additional services, such as eliminating duplicates in your mail list, geocoding, data enrichment, and mail list procurement are available through Ripon Printers for an additional cost. Contact your project coordinator or sales representative for more information and pricing.

What other services do you offer in your List Processing/Addressing?
Answer: Merge, purge, suppression, deduping, specialty codes, personalization, variable messaging… the options are endless and we don’t want to limit your creativeness. If you have a idea, call, let’s talk about it. 

What can I do to save money on postage?
Answer: There are many things that can be looked at to possibly help with the rising costs of postage. Specific details depend largely on what type of piece you are mailing and what changes you are willing to make. Ripon Printers also participates in several CoProduction options that allow you to CoMingle your mail into larger mailings to reap the benefits of greater presort rewards and significant drop ship work share discounts. For a review of your mailing options please contact our Mailing Specialist, Vicky Dansereau at (800) 321‑3136, x209 or vicky.​dansereau@​walsworth.​com.