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Postal Potpourri of Potential Changes You Need to Know

Boy, a lot of exciting things are going on right now with the U.S. Postal Service. Let me share a few important tidbits that may affect you: Recently, the United States opted to stay part of the Universal Postal Union, or UPU, which handles international mail. The decision to possibly leave was based on the feeling that the cost of terminal  dues was not shared equally among all nations. The compromise that was made to keep the U.S. in the… READ

Does the Mix of Mail in the Mailbox Play an Important Role?

Recently, a coworker of mine handed me a printed report from the United States Postal Service — Office of Inspector General. It was titled ​“Advertising Mail: Mail Mix Matters.” I set it aside promising myself I would read it. The report was 49 pages, and I was sure this was going to be a dry read. You know, like reading legal documents, the kind where you must be very awake.  Much to my surprise, it was actually a pretty enlightening read. The… READ

Getting Clarity from a TV Commercial. Go Figure.

Have you seen the new Rocket Mortgage commercials? A very pretty young lady is in a hairdresser’s chair but has no idea what the fancy hairdresser said. Then in  pops the mortgage/translator to explain that the hairdresser is going to add some hair clips, give her a bob cut and retire to Boca Raton… she is his swan song! If you haven’t had an opportunity to see the commercial, basically it shows how Rocket Mortgage is able to help you… READ

Where Does Your Mail Moment Occur?

Do you always do certain things in your life in the same place?   I know, weird question. Let me tell you what I mean. Recently, the post office sent out a marketing piece called USPS Mail Moments Fall 2018 Review. The piece has research results from three generations (ages 18 to 75) that asked different things about the in‐home mail experience. It was filled with stats.  For instance, Millennial’s consider a package more important than other mail. They are also more… READ

You Could Be Missing 40% of Your Address Changes

Are you the type that loves simple surprises? You know, an extra yolk in your egg.  BOGO offers on shoes. A baker’s dozen donuts when you were only expecting 12. Everyone loves getting something for nothing, am I right?  Boy, do we have a surprise for you! We know how hard you work to win a client. Being able to communicate about your product or service to your customers can’t even be assigned a dollar value. We get how big a deal it is… READ

Will Informed Delivery Help You Communicate with Your Customers?

Communication seems to be one of those things you’re either good at or you’re not. No matter what form of communication you use everyone seems to read and hear things different. They place their own spin on the topic, even allowing emotions to have a say in the meaning they gather.   I think you would agree that sometimes just picking up the phone and talking something out turns out to be the best alternative in the long run. Other times, a… READ

And Now for a Commercial Break…

I have an approximately 20‐minute commute to and from work. Every morning I listen to my favorite radio station, as I am sure you do. One morning last week, the radio crew was discussing how TV networks are talking about cutting commercial time to compete with Netflix and Hulu. The Fox Network announced its goal by 2020 is to reduce commercial time to 2 minutes per hour! Now the marketing side of me thought, ​“Wow! If you want to buy ad time… READ

Do YOU love print?

In my LinkedIn email feed today was a tiny little heading that read, ​“Why do YOU love print?” If you are like me, you get a ton of emails and every once in a while a heading captures your interest. The article was written by Renee O’Donnell and placed in the group I belong to called Print Production Professionals.     In the article she discusses her passion for print, her love of paper, fonts and how they are tangible. At the… READ

Be a Pepper, Too!

I like my 16 oz bottle of soda. It may not be the best thing for me to drink, but I am too old to change my ways. Water is not the same as soda; it does not give me the same satisfaction. The results are different. The health value of soda is not what this is about, anyway.  Diet Dr Pepper is a choice in the vending machines here at work. $1.25 seemed like a lot to pay for… READ

Does Your Mail Have a Freshness Date?

I have done something for years that my husband believes I am absolutely nuts for doing. We argue over it every time. I think it is for our safety, but he thinks it’s a hoax and wastes money. I bet I have you wondering now… Well, I go through the refrigerator once a month or so, and toss anything that has exceeded its freshness date. Now I know that is just a suggestion, and I know that it affects some… READ