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What’s New in Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe released new apps, along with new features in existing apps, on November 4. Although many apps got updated, we are going to primarily focus on Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Illustrator® and Adobe® InDesign®. While there are a lot of new features and enhancements, I recommend waiting to update your apps until there is some time to identify and work out any bugs, if needed. What’s New in Photoshop (Desktop) New features include: Cloud Documents, Improved Presets, New Object Selection Tool,… READ

Updated PDF Export Settings for InDesign

In the past, our Adobe PDF Preset converted colors to U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 standards when Exporting PDFs from InDesign. Since we color manage at the prepress stage in our workflow and convert colors via OneVision’s Asura Pro using the GRACol 2013_CRPC6.icc profile, our settings no longer convert colors when Exporting. The GRACol icc profile can be downloaded from Idealliance​.org so you can use it as your CMYK Working  Space in Photoshop, for example, or sync your color settings… READ

New Affinity Publisher Is Worth a Look

Serif launched Affinity Designer in October 2014, Affinity Photo in July 2015 and, most recently, Affinity Publisher in June 2019. I downloaded Affinity Publisher, which costs $49.99 (one‐time cost, not a subscription). I was really impressed with the performance and features, especially since it’s their first version. Although I have not spent a lot of time using and testing Affinity Publisher, my initial reaction is that it’s a great option for anyone using either Microsoft Publisher or a non Creative… READ

My Pitch for Creative Pro Week 2019

Every year I attend the InDesign Conference, which is part of Creative Pro Week. In the past, I would write a blog post after the event highlighting the various sessions I attended and what I learned. This year I thought I would write before the event, which, is being held in Seattle from Monday, June 10 through Friday, June 14. My intention is simple: to encourage you to attend this fantastic professional event. It’s such a great opportunity to not… READ

Adjusting Page Size, Margins and Bleed

The October 2018 release of Adobe InDesign introduced a new feature called Adjust Layout. You can use this feature to adjust the page size, margins and bleed along with text and other page items.  Adjust Layout You will find Adjust Layout in several places, but let’s start with the File menu. When you choose Adjust Layout from the File menu, the following dialog box will open: Page Size In this example, we are adjusting the page size from 8.5 in. x… READ

Welcome to 2019: Don’t look Back, But You Should Back Up (Your Files)

When it comes to backing up your computer, there are many choices. The only choice I don’t recommend is not having a back‐up plan.. I have a Solid State Device (SSD) in my laptop, so I wasn’t as worried about my hard drive failing as I was about a file getting accidentally deleted or not having access to my files if my laptop got stolen, for example. Since I have a laptop, I didn’t want to rely on plugging in an external hard drive on a regular basis and… READ

The Bad News: You Missed Our Quarterly User Group Meeting. The Good News: We Recorded It.

Laurie Ruhlin, Adobe Certified Instructor joined us at our Quarterly User Group Meeting. She spoke earlier this year to a packed room and received rave reviews. This meeting was no different. We had another very full session, and Laurie covered InDesign Tips and Tricks that included: Borders and shading Numbering and bullets Book feature Image tricks I had the pleasure of complementing Laurie’s presentation with what participants said was highly informative information they could use right now. The key topics of… READ

The Evolution of Paragraph Borders in Adobe InDesign CC

Paragraph Borders Adobe InDesign CC (13), released back on October 18, 2017, introduced Paragraph Borders (or strokes) around one or more paragraphs. This was a great new feature, but had one major problem. When creating a border around consecutive paragraphs, the borders often would overlap. You could fix it manually, which was rather time consuming, or use a free script to fix this problem. Paragraph Borders Improved Adobe InDesign CC, released on March 12, 2018, improved the Paragraph Borders. You can… READ

Insights from CreativePro Week 2018

I recently flew to New Orleans to attend CreativePro Week, an event I look forward to with much anticipation. Beginning last year, the event’s management combined the InDesign Conference with the Photoshop + Illustrator Conference and Printing and ePublishing (PePcon) for an entire week of learning. The sessions were great, offering a huge variety of topics. And while I learned some new tips, the real benefit for me is meeting with industry leaders including members of the Adobe InDesign team. It’s… READ

In Case You Had a Flat Tire on the Way to the User Group Meeting…

Well, of course, we hope you didn’t. But we had a great Quarterly User Group Meeting on March 15, and I want to share some of the key items we discussed. First, we looked at several TechLines including: ​“Getting it Right, Right from the Start, Preflighting, and Exporting a PDF.” Visit our Technical Guides Page to download our TechLines documents. I’m sure you’ll find these and many others helpful. We also looked at how you can use GREP in both Find/Change and in Paragraph Styles. A… READ