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Do YOU love print?

In my LinkedIn email feed today was a tiny little head­ing that read, ​“Why do YOU love print?” If you are like me, you get a ton of emails and every once in a while a head­ing captures your inter­est. The arti­cle was writ­ten by Renee O’Donnell and placed in the group I belong to called Print Production Professionals.     In the arti­cle she discusses her passion for print, her love of paper, fonts and how they are tangi­ble. At the… READ

InDesign CC (2018) Object Style Enhancements

The latest release of InDesign has some great new features includ­ing: Support for Endnotes, Paragraph Borders, Text Management in Creative Cloud Libraries, Font Filtering, the abil­ity to find simi­lar fonts and better HTML Export. But there is one feature in partic­u­lar I want to focus on, and it’s Object Styles enhance­ments. You can now set or modify an object’s size or posi­tion. Being able to spec­ify an object’s size and posi­tion makes it much easier to execute global changes through­out your… READ

Be a Pepper, Too!

I like my 16 oz bottle of soda. It may not be the best thing for me to drink, but I am too old to change my ways. Water is not the same as soda; it does not give me the same satis­fac­tion. The results are differ­ent. The health value of soda is not what this is about, anyway.  Diet Dr Pepper is a choice in the vend­ing machines here at work. $1.25 seemed like a lot to pay for… READ

Does Your Mail Have a Freshness Date?

I have done some­thing for years that my husband believes I am absolutely nuts for doing. We argue over it every time. I think it is for our safety, but he thinks it’s a hoax and wastes money. I bet I have you wonder­ing now… Well, I go through the refrig­er­a­tor once a month or so, and toss anything that has exceeded its fresh­ness date. Now I know that is just a sugges­tion, and I know that it affects some… READ

Think GIGO when Creating PDFs

Most creative profes­sion­als submit PDFs for final output. A good PDF starts with a good docu­ment. That means having the right margins, bleed and, of course, build­ing it to the final trim size. In other words, it’s a matter of garbage in, garbage out (GIGO). To help you create perfect PDFs, we devel­oped vari­ous templates that include the proper margins, bleed, trim size and even drill hole place­ment and allowances aimed at help­ing you get off to a great start. You… READ

Informed Decisions and the Consequences of Nudging

The latest postal buzz­word is Informed Delivery (ID). You can now sign up to get an email picture of your regu­lar mail contents, but not until they’re ready for deliv­ery. There are plans to make it more inter­ac­tive to lever­age the market­ing power of the Internet, but at some point you have to ask, ​“If that’s effec­tive, why send the phys­i­cal mail at all?” Is the USPS email more click­able than any other market­ing maneu­ver? If you’re involved in retail, I bet… READ

Have You Been to the NPF?

We are right on top of the USPS Postal Forum for this year. It is being held in Baltimore, MD, and the indus­try is all a buzz. Emails upon emails asking, ​“Will I see you there?” or, ​“Stop in and see me at booth number what­ever!” Last year when I attended, the event was in Nashville. It was great to see peers and the genuine excite­ment that seems to empower every­one. The forum opener is usually kicked off by a great band… READ

Creating an Index Using GREP and a JavaScript

I recently helped a customer create an index that contains over 3,500 part numbers. The part numbers are 4 – 6 digits in length and may or may not contain a letter. Here’s how we accom­plished the task. The first step was to create a GREP state­ment in the Find / Change dialog box to assign a Character style to the part numbers. Then we used a JavaScript to add the Character style (Part Number) to the Index panel. Here is the GREP state­ment entered into… READ

New USPS Program Puts the Fun Back Into Receiving Mail

Do you remem­ber being a kid and getting so excited when you got mail? I recall running home from school for weeks wait­ing for pack­ages of build­ing blocks we ordered and had to allow 4 to 6 weeks for deliv­ery. Who would wait that long now days! I remem­ber being so very excited even when it was just a letter from Gramma!  Well, the U.S. Postal Service has found a way for you to get excited again about your mail. But instead… READ

Automating InDesign with Scripts

At our last quar­terly Customer User Group, Keith Gilbert showed us some very useful scripts for InDesign. A script can be as simple as an auto­mated task or as complex as an entire new feature. You can create your own scripts, and you can run scripts that other people have created.  How to Load a Script: 1. Open InDesign, then open the Scripts panel  (Window > Utilities > Scripts). 2. Right click on the User Folder in the panel and choose… READ