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And Now for a Commercial Break…

I have an approximately 20‐minute commute to and from work. Every morning I listen to my favorite radio station, as I am sure you do. One morning last week, the radio crew was discussing how TV networks are talking about cutting commercial time to compete with Netflix and Hulu. The Fox Network announced its goal by 2020 is to reduce commercial time to 2 minutes per hour! Now the marketing side of me thought, ​“Wow! If you want to buy ad time… READ

Photoshop’s New Select Subject Feature

On January 22, Adobe Photoshop added a new feature called Select Subject. You now have another way to select subjects and then use Select and Mask to make further refinements. To use this new feature, select either the Quick Selection Tool or the Magic Wand Tool. A new button, Select Subject, will appear at the top of your document, just to the left of Select and Mask. Click on Select Subject. You should notice your subject has been selected.  To further refine your selection,… READ

Do YOU love print?

In my LinkedIn email feed today was a tiny little heading that read, ​“Why do YOU love print?” If you are like me, you get a ton of emails and every once in a while a heading captures your interest. The article was written by Renee O’Donnell and placed in the group I belong to called Print Production Professionals.     In the article she discusses her passion for print, her love of paper, fonts and how they are tangible. At the… READ

InDesign CC (2018) Object Style Enhancements

The latest release of InDesign has some great new features including: Support for Endnotes, Paragraph Borders, Text Management in Creative Cloud Libraries, Font Filtering, the ability to find similar fonts and better HTML Export. But there is one feature in particular I want to focus on, and it’s Object Styles enhancements. You can now set or modify an object’s size or position. Being able to specify an object’s size and position makes it much easier to execute global changes throughout your… READ

Be a Pepper, Too!

I like my 16 oz bottle of soda. It may not be the best thing for me to drink, but I am too old to change my ways. Water is not the same as soda; it does not give me the same satisfaction. The results are different. The health value of soda is not what this is about, anyway.  Diet Dr Pepper is a choice in the vending machines here at work. $1.25 seemed like a lot to pay for… READ

Does Your Mail Have a Freshness Date?

I have done something for years that my husband believes I am absolutely nuts for doing. We argue over it every time. I think it is for our safety, but he thinks it’s a hoax and wastes money. I bet I have you wondering now… Well, I go through the refrigerator once a month or so, and toss anything that has exceeded its freshness date. Now I know that is just a suggestion, and I know that it affects some… READ

Think GIGO when Creating PDFs

Most creative professionals submit PDFs for final output. A good PDF starts with a good document. That means having the right margins, bleed and, of course, building it to the final trim size. In other words, it’s a matter of garbage in, garbage out (GIGO). To help you create perfect PDFs, we developed various templates that include the proper margins, bleed, trim size and even drill hole placement and allowances aimed at helping you get off to a great start. You… READ

Informed Decisions and the Consequences of Nudging

The latest postal buzzword is Informed Delivery (ID). You can now sign up to get an email picture of your regular mail contents, but not until they’re ready for delivery. There are plans to make it more interactive to leverage the marketing power of the Internet, but at some point you have to ask, ​“If that’s effective, why send the physical mail at all?” Is the USPS email more clickable than any other marketing maneuver? If you’re involved in retail, I bet… READ

Have You Been to the NPF?

We are right on top of the USPS Postal Forum for this year. It is being held in Baltimore, MD, and the industry is all a buzz. Emails upon emails asking, ​“Will I see you there?” or, ​“Stop in and see me at booth number whatever!” Last year when I attended, the event was in Nashville. It was great to see peers and the genuine excitement that seems to empower everyone. The forum opener is usually kicked off by a great band… READ

Creating an Index Using GREP and a JavaScript

I recently helped a customer create an index that contains over 3,500 part numbers. The part numbers are 4 – 6 digits in length and may or may not contain a letter. Here’s how we accomplished the task. The first step was to create a GREP statement in the Find / Change dialog box to assign a Character style to the part numbers. Then we used a JavaScript to add the Character style (Part Number) to the Index panel. Here is the GREP statement entered into… READ