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Where Does Your Mail Moment Occur?

Do you always do certain things in your life in the same place?   I know, weird ques­tion. Let me tell you what I mean. Recently, the post office sent out a market­ing piece called USPS Mail Moments Fall 2018 Review. The piece has research results from three gener­a­tions (ages 18 to 75) that asked differ­ent things about the in‐home mail expe­ri­ence. It was filled with stats.  For instance, Millennial’s consider a pack­age more impor­tant than other mail. They are also more… READ

Welcome to 2019: Don’t look Back, But You Should Back Up (Your Files)

When it comes to back­ing up your computer, there are many choices. The only choice I don’t recom­mend is not having a back‐up plan.. I have a Solid State Device (SSD) in my laptop, so I wasn’t as worried about my hard drive fail­ing as I was about a file getting acci­den­tally deleted or not having access to my files if my laptop got stolen, for exam­ple. Since I have a laptop, I didn’t want to rely on plug­ging in an exter­nal hard drive on a regu­lar basis and… READ

The Bad News: You Missed Our Quarterly User Group Meeting. The Good News: We Recorded It.

Laurie Ruhlin, Adobe Certified Instructor joined us at our Quarterly User Group Meeting. She spoke earlier this year to a packed room and received rave reviews. This meet­ing was no differ­ent. We had another very full session, and Laurie covered InDesign Tips and Tricks that included: Borders and shad­ing Numbering and bullets Book feature Image tricks I had the plea­sure of comple­ment­ing Laurie’s presen­ta­tion with what partic­i­pants said was highly infor­ma­tive infor­ma­tion they could use right now. The key topics of… READ

You Could Be Missing 40% of Your Address Changes

Are you the type that loves simple surprises? You know, an extra yolk in your egg.  BOGO offers on shoes. A baker’s dozen donuts when you were only expect­ing 12. Everyone loves getting some­thing for noth­ing, am I right?  Boy, do we have a surprise for you! We know how hard you work to win a client. Being able to commu­ni­cate about your prod­uct or service to your customers can’t even be assigned a dollar value. We get how big a deal it is… READ

The Evolution of Paragraph Borders in Adobe InDesign CC

Paragraph Borders Adobe InDesign CC (13), released back on October 18, 2017, intro­duced Paragraph Borders (or strokes) around one or more para­graphs. This was a great new feature, but had one major prob­lem. When creat­ing a border around consec­u­tive para­graphs, the borders often would over­lap. You could fix it manu­ally, which was rather time consum­ing, or use a free script to fix this prob­lem. Paragraph Borders Improved Adobe InDesign CC, released on March 12, 2018, improved the Paragraph Borders. You can… READ

Insights from CreativePro Week 2018

I recently flew to New Orleans to attend CreativePro Week, an event I look forward to with much antic­i­pa­tion. Beginning last year, the event’s manage­ment combined the InDesign Conference with the Photoshop + Illustrator Conference and Printing and ePublishing (PePcon) for an entire week of learn­ing. The sessions were great, offer­ing a huge vari­ety of topics. And while I learned some new tips, the real bene­fit for me is meet­ing with indus­try lead­ers includ­ing members of the Adobe InDesign team. It’s… READ

Will Informed Delivery Help You Communicate with Your Customers?

Communication seems to be one of those things you’re either good at or you’re not. No matter what form of commu­ni­ca­tion you use every­one seems to read and hear things differ­ent. They place their own spin on the topic, even allow­ing emotions to have a say in the mean­ing they gather.   I think you would agree that some­times just pick­ing up the phone and talk­ing some­thing out turns out to be the best alter­na­tive in the long run. Other times, a… READ

In Case You Had a Flat Tire on the Way to the User Group Meeting…

Well, of course, we hope you didn’t. But we had a great Quarterly User Group Meeting on March 15, and I want to share some of the key items we discussed. First, we looked at several TechLines includ­ing: ​“Getting it Right, Right from the Start, Preflighting, and Exporting a PDF.” Visit our Technical Guides Page to down­load our TechLines docu­ments. I’m sure you’ll find these and many others help­ful. We also looked at how you can use GREP in both Find/Change and in Paragraph Styles. A… READ

And Now for a Commercial Break…

I have an approx­i­mately 20‐minute commute to and from work. Every morn­ing I listen to my favorite radio station, as I am sure you do. One morn­ing last week, the radio crew was discussing how TV networks are talk­ing about cutting commer­cial time to compete with Netflix and Hulu. The Fox Network announced its goal by 2020 is to reduce commer­cial time to 2 minutes per hour! Now the market­ing side of me thought, ​“Wow! If you want to buy ad time… READ

Photoshop’s New Select Subject Feature

On January 22, Adobe Photoshop added a new feature called Select Subject. You now have another way to select subjects and then use Select and Mask to make further refine­ments. To use this new feature, select either the Quick Selection Tool or the Magic Wand Tool. A new button, Select Subject, will appear at the top of your docu­ment, just to the left of Select and Mask. Click on Select Subject. You should notice your subject has been selected.  To further refine your selec­tion,… READ

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Adobe InDesign 1.0 – CC (2014) New Features Guide

As a member of the Education and Support Team at Ripon Printers, I often talk with customers using differ­ent versions of InDesign. Sometimes it’s hard to remem­ber when a certain feature got added to InDesign. I decided to create a docu­ment that lists all the New Features begin­ning with the fist release of InDesign back… READ

Before you Install Creative Cloud 2015, read this…

On Monday, June 15, 2015, Adobe announced Creative Cloud 2015. I down­loaded InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Muse and, I’m liking the new features and perfor­mance enhancements.Install Warning: When you choose to update to Creative Cloud 2015, the default is to Remove old versions. Last year some people were confused by having CC (2013) and CC… READ

Are You Budgeting Your Address Lists?

My husband and I are empty nesters, and we purchased a home about five years ago.  It’s an older home, and we have been push­ing money into return­ing the struc­ture to its 1920’s glory.   Seeking out salvage compa­nies was fun, and we were find­ing great, eye‐catching addi­tions for our home.  However, we noticed that we… READ