In the past, our Adobe PDF Preset converted colors to U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 standards when Exporting PDFs from InDesign. Since we color manage at the prepress stage in our workflow and convert colors via OneVision’s Asura Pro using the GRACol 2013_CRPC6.icc profile, our settings no longer convert colors when Exporting.

The GRACol icc profile can be downloaded from Idealliance​.org so you can use it as your CMYK Working  Space in Photoshop, for example, or sync your color settings across all Creative Cloud applications using Adobe Bridge.

Below is a screen shot showing the Output tab of the PDF Export Presets dialog box. Notice that no color conversion is taking place when Exporting PDFs. Please note that we have not made any other changes to our PDF Export settings.

We have an updated TechLines document, along with an updated PDF Export setting, that you can download by visiting our Technical Guides section on our website.