Have you seen the new Rocket Mortgage commercials? A very pretty young lady is in a hairdresser’s chair but has no idea what the fancy hairdresser said. Then in  pops the mortgage/translator to explain that the hairdresser is going to add some hair clips, give her a bob cut and retire to Boca Raton… she is his swan song! If you haven’t had an opportunity to see the commercial, basically it shows how Rocket Mortgage is able to help you through all the fancy jargon of buying and financing a home.

After watching that commercial I was thinking… boy, I wonder if that is what I sound like when talking about mail. There are thousands of acronyms with anything related to the US Postal Service and probably twice as many rules and procedures for every type of mailing you may want to submit.   

I’d like to think I am pretty good at explaining how things work. You know, more like the waitress in the Geico commercial where the Gecko is visiting a diner and orders lemon meringue pie. All she does is yell, PIE” and makes it happen. I want mail to be that easy for you. 

Do you have questions about your mailing? Do you want to understand it better and need a translator. Call, shoot us an email and let us help you. 

Maybe I watch too much TV….