The October 2018 release of Adobe InDesign introduced a new feature called Adjust Layout. You can use this feature to adjust the page size, margins and bleed along with text and other page items. 

Adjust Layout

You will find Adjust Layout in several places, but let’s start with the File menu. When you choose Adjust Layout from the File menu, the following dialog box will open:

Page Size

In this example, we are adjusting the page size from 8.5 in. x 11 in. to the final trim size, which is 8.375 in. x 10.875 in.


Next, we are adjusting the existing margins from .125 in. to .25 in.

Note: All live matter to final trims, including copy in bleed tabs and page numbers, is 14 (.25 in.) preferred 316 (.1875 in.) minimum.


Finally, we are adjusting the bleed from .125 in. to .25 in. Unfortunately, this does not work in every case. For example, if an item is right at trim, Adjust Layout will not extend the bleed.

Note: 14 (.25 in.) strongly preferred, 18 (.125 in.) minimum.

Margins and Columns

In this example, the document is the correct size but the margins are only .125 in. To adjust the margins, open the Adjust Layout (Layout > Margins and Columns…) dialog box. Make sure Adjust Layout is checked, then adjust the margins. This will typically result in the page elements adjusting to the new margins. There are times when you will still have to make some adjustments manually.

Let me know if you have any questions about the new Adjust Layout feature.