Do you always do certain things in your life in the same place?  

I know, weird question. Let me tell you what I mean. Recently, the post office sent out a marketing piece called USPS Mail Moments Fall 2018 Review. The piece has research results from three generations (ages 18 to 75) that asked different things about the in‐home mail experience. It was filled with stats. 

For instance, Millennial’s consider a package more important than other mail. They are also more apt to use the USPS app than go into the post office or talk to a postal carrier. Did you know that Millennial’s are also most likely to bring in ad mailings to a retail store or use it as a prompt to do online shopping? I guess I would have thought that taking ad mailings into a retail store would have fit Boomers better.   

All stereotyping aside, the piece has lots of statistics about what is important to whom and when that mail moment is. The page that got my attention is the location in the house that the mail sorting, opening and reading takes place. The kitchen and the living room were first and second with a combined total of 82% frequency. I found that funny because I sort my mail on the front porch…. and I am among only 3% of the population with that habit. 

Then my mind wandered to what else I may do in the wrong rooms… well, I brush my teeth in the shower. I wonder what the percentage of the population does that?

If you would like to see this USPS Marketing piece, shoot us an email and let us know what things you may do in odd rooms. Just kidding! But we’d be happy to send the brochure.