Paragraph Borders

Adobe InDesign CC (13), released back on October 18, 2017, intro­duced Paragraph Borders (or strokes) around one or more para­graphs. This was a great new feature, but had one major prob­lem. When creat­ing a border around consec­u­tive para­graphs, the borders often would over­lap. You could fix it manu­ally, which was rather time consum­ing, or use a free script to fix this prob­lem.

Paragraph Borders Improved

Adobe InDesign CC, released on March 12, 2018, improved the Paragraph Borders. You can now create borders that enclose multi­ple para­graphs using the Paragraph Border feature. 

Paragraph Border Options

Select the Merge Consecutive Borders and Shading with Same Settings” option while creat­ing a para­graph border to merge the para­graph borders of two consec­u­tive para­graphs, provided they have same para­graph border and shad­ing prop­er­ties.

Note: Merge Consecutive Borders and Shading with Same Settings” appears in the Paragraph Style Options as well as the Borders and Paragraph Shading dialog box. If you have a multi‐column frame and you want the border to continue, make sure you also check Display Boarder if Paragraph Splits Across Frames / Columns”.

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