I recently flew to New Orleans to attend CreativePro Week, an event I look forward to with much antic­i­pa­tion. Beginning last year, the event’s manage­ment combined the InDesign Conference with the Photoshop + Illustrator Conference and Printing and ePublishing (PePcon) for an entire week of learn­ing.

The sessions were great, offer­ing a huge vari­ety of topics. And while I learned some new tips, the real bene­fit for me is meet­ing with indus­try lead­ers includ­ing members of the Adobe InDesign team. It’s surpris­ing what you can learn during infor­mal discus­sions with people who live digi­tal design and produc­tion every day. 

I enjoyed listen­ing to Trish Witkowski speak about Trends and Techniques for Print in 2018.” She had a lot of great exam­ples of pieces with coat­ings and varnishes, along with unique fold­ing and die‐cutting.

David Blatner & Anne‐Marie Concepcion

David Blatner’s and Erica Gamet’s session on Deep GREP” was very useful, and they had some great real‐world exam­ples on how to use GREP to save time and elim­i­nate mistakes. GREP is some­thing we covered in our past Quarterly User Group meet­ings, and I’m sure we will cover it again. You now can expect me to be armed with even more valu­able infor­ma­tion.

Chad Chelius’ session, Super Styling: Automatic Formatting with Nested, Line, and GREP Styles,” was very well attended and he showed a lot of time‐saving tech­niques. We also covered Nested Styles in a previ­ous User Group meet­ing, and it will be revis­ited in a future meet­ing as well.

Mark your calen­dar: Next year CreativePro Week will take place in Seattle, Wash., in June.

And don’t miss our next Quarterly User Group either, which will include some of the best high­lights from the confer­ence. Watch your inbox for upcom­ing infor­ma­tion.

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