Well, of course, we hope you didn’t. But we had a great Quarterly User Group Meeting on March 15, and I want to share some of the key items we discussed.

First, we looked at several TechLines includ­ing: Getting it Right, Right from the Start, Preflighting, and Exporting a PDF.” Visit our Technical Guides Page to down­load our TechLines docu­ments. I’m sure you’ll find these and many others help­ful.

We also looked at how you can use GREP in both Find/Change and in Paragraph Styles. A couple exam­ples we reviewed were how to use GREP to apply a spot color to part numbers as well as prices for black plate changes. You can down­load a PDF of vari­ous GREP exam­ples at (GREP Styles.pdf).

We then went over some of the InDesign templates avail­able on our website and mentioned that we can create a custom InDesign Template for you. The templates are built to trim size with the dimen­sions, margins, drill holes, etc. on layers that can be locked or deleted. 

Below is an exam­ple of one of the templates:

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 1.35.14 PM


Here is a zoomed‐in view with the Margins, Bleed and notes:

 Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 1.42.58 PM

Visit our Technical Guides Page to down­load templates.

By the way, our next Quarterly User Group meet­ing is May 17, 2018, featur­ing Ann‐Marie Concepcion (InDesignSecrets​.com). Mark your calen­dars and check your tires, because she always provides can’t miss infor­ma­tion.