I have an approx­i­mately 20‐minute commute to and from work. Every morn­ing I listen to my favorite radio station, as I am sure you do. One morn­ing last week, the radio crew was discussing how TV networks are talk­ing about cutting commer­cial time to compete with Netflix and Hulu. The Fox Network announced its goal by 2020 is to reduce commer­cial time to 2 minutes per hour!

Now the market­ing side of me thought, Wow! If you want to buy ad time on Fox, marketers are going to have a whole range of things to consider.” I would assume the spots would increase in price.  Ads are prob­a­bly going to need to be further short­ened to allow several differ­ent ads per two‐minute segment. I also thought, Boy, I’m not going to have all that time amongst commer­cials to do house­hold chores and munch”. Also, TV shows will need to come up with more content to replace the lack of commer­cial time.


Then the mail­ing side of me, which, after 28 plus years tends to sneak into most thoughts, wondered if this would have an effect on direct mail. My bet is it will, espe­cially if all the bigger networks jump on board to reduce commer­cial time. Over the past few years, direct mail and digi­tal campaigns have been push­ing into the fore­front of nearly all market­ing discus­sions. It seems like every year there is some new buzz­word to refer to the inte­grated use of direct mail, digi­tal and social media to promote and brand your company. Will the lack of commer­cial time boost these chan­nels to new heights?

I’m curi­ous, what success have you found in Omni‐channel Marketing”?; I think that it’s the latest buzz­word. Have you found things that work better than others? And if you’re trying to learn more, you might check out our recent PressLines’ feature, Do Your Marketing Campaigns Drip with Success?” 

I’m also wonder­ing if I’m the only person who thinks of such things on the way to work.