The latest release of InDesign has some great new features includ­ing: Support for Endnotes, Paragraph Borders, Text Management in Creative Cloud Libraries, Font Filtering, the abil­ity to find simi­lar fonts and better HTML Export. But there is one feature in partic­u­lar I want to focus on, and it’s Object Styles enhance­ments. You can now set or modify an object’s size or posi­tion.

Being able to spec­ify an object’s size and posi­tion makes it much easier to execute global changes through­out your docu­ment. For exam­ple, if you have a frame that is too close to trim, you can modify the Object Size to repo­si­tion all the frames that have a partic­u­lar Object Style applied.

You can also spec­ify the Reference Point in the Object Style dialog box. That way you can make adjust­ments from the top, bottom, left or right side of an object. For exam­ple, if an object is too close to the bottom of your docu­ment (less than 316 inch), you can modify the Object Style, provided that you created one and applied it. So, when setting up your docu­ment, I would recom­mend setting the Position Options for your Objects.

You can set the size of an object as well. I use this when plac­ing text frames that have the same width and / or height. This not only helps make them consis­tent, but also speeds up the process.

By the way, my InDesign New Features Guide has been updated to include InDesign CC (2018).

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