I feel for Megan Brennan. You know, the PostmasterMegan Brennan General. She could be either the CEO of a rather large corporation called USPS, or the secretary of a huge federal agency. Or maybe she is both. An executive Sybil. And worse, under current congressional rules, the Post Office is intended to operate as a for‐profit business to bolster the coffers of the US Treasury (the whole retirement pre‐funding thing) but still maintain a presence and service like a governmental agency. What are the feds thinking?

We mailers are stuck in the middle, facing rate and service issues resulting from this confused identity. They did have a good idea in tying postage rates to CPI. We don’t need to have a federal system that results in “$200 toilet seat” delivery costs, and accountability is an important part of that.

But the current system still has:

  • Mailers facing rate increases to support a bloated delivery network
  • An organizational system modeled after government rather than industry
  • And a politicized cost structure

Nonprofits offer valuable and needed services to our country, and they deserve reduced rates. But everyone should support this, not just those paying postage. Congress has been trying to pass some reform to stabilize the organization, but the best they have come up with is putting part of the exigency rate increase back and block cost cutting measures. They want to control the USPS like it’s an agency.

So, I say, let the USPS go broke. Megan, stop fotolia_69475391trying so hard to balance the books. If Congress wants the USPS to be a federal agency, then treat it as one. Own it. The USPS is a service to all US citizens. It is incredibly important to our economy.

You want a privatized delivery network? Just call UPS, because they are already there.  (And don’t forget, their economy rates depend on USPS for final delivery!) We NEED a federal delivery network. The experiment of calling the postal system a business has failed. Make it what it needs to be.