Freshly back from the USPS National Postal Forum, there are a couple of fun things to share and some new buzz­words” that kept every­one intrigued. I’ve heard that approx­i­mately 30% of the atten­dees were first timers. That was great to hear as mail contin­ues to be trend­ing upward, remain­ing a strong market­ing chan­nel.

Also, Meghan Brennan, the USPS Postmaster General, announced that First‐Class Letter Mailers will receive the 3rd oz. free next year. And for those of you who like to keep up on postal regu­la­tions, the USPS is re‐vamping the RIBBS website. It is going to be called Postal Pro. The current site can be found at https://​ribbs​.usps​.gov/

Example of My Mailbox page shown on laptop and mobile device.The other buzz­word that the post office latched onto this year is Informed”. Everywhere you turned they discussed Informed Delivery and Informed Visibility. The USPS is very excited about these two programs and for good reason. They set them up to create new market­ing options for mail­ers to improve exist­ing track­ing services on First‐Class and Standard mail.

Informed Delivery is being piloted in Northern Virginia and New York City. This service allows a mail recip­i­ent to sign up for an email that will show them a black‐and‐white scan of the mail that will be in their mail­box each day. The open rates on these emails are at 93%!

They are hoping to roll Informed Delivery out to the nation in early 2017. The USPS has a lot of hurdles to prepare for with privacy being in the fore­front of everyone’s concerns. Eventually the USPS hopes to be able to update scans with ads. These ads could then morph into more digi­tal options that are widely used by Americans, like website links, QR codes, timed emails and the list goes on and on.

The other informed” this year is Informed Visibility. This is the USPS’ next step in improv­ing their current track­ing capa­bil­i­ties. If any of you track your mail­ings, you prob­a­bly see a track­ing result on approx­i­mately 70% of your mail pieces. Informed Visibility is going to add scans, which will also be more read­ily avail­able (every 15 to 20 minutes).

moile device swipeLastly, the USPS presented Omni‐Channel Marketing. This isn’t really new, but is some­thing that all of the informed” programs are going to assist. Omni‐Channel Marketing is a market­ing approach that seeks to orches­trate the customer expe­ri­ence across all chan­nels so that it is seam­less, inte­grated and consis­tent. The idea is to make that occur whether the expe­ri­ence takes place through print, online from a desk­top or mobile device, by tele­phone or in a phys­i­cal store. The customer receives consis­tent brand­ing and messag­ing through the medium of their choice.

I didn’t go too deeply into these topics, so please contact us if you have ques­tions. Let us help you reap the bene­fits of these services with your Omni‐Channel or Multichannel Marketing program.