My husband and I are empty nesters, and we purchased a home about five years ago.  It’s an older home, and we have been pushing money into returning the structure to its 1920’s glory.   Seeking out salvage companies was fun, and we were finding great, eye‐catching additions for our home.  However, we noticed that we weren’t being as careful as we should be with our finances, and so we put our household on a budget.

That got me to thinking, maybe we need to look at our customer address database in much the same way.  Are we pushing money into advertising only to see our budgets stressed because we haven’t adequately budgeted” our mailing address data?

As mailers we seek out that great marketing plan, and it is fun to make colorful, eye‐catching mailpieces. But have we done our due diligence to the address databases we maintain?.  Do we keep in mind just how valuable they are for us to be able to touch our customers?

Here are three questions to ask yourself about your database practices:

  1. Are you fixing your address database lists when a client moves?
  2. Do you have a good partner sharing your National Change of Address (NCOA) results with you, and do you make the changes?
  3. Do you put Ancillary Endorsements on your mailpieces to capture post mailing moves?

Or, are you part of the mailing industry that throws its budgeted funds into the trash because your mail is Undeliverable as Addressed”?

Is it time for you to start budgeting your customer address database?