My husband and I are empty nesters, and we purchased a home about five years ago.  It’s an older home, and we have been push­ing money into return­ing the struc­ture to its 1920’s glory.   Seeking out salvage compa­nies was fun, and we were find­ing great, eye‐catching addi­tions for our home.  However, we noticed that we weren’t being as care­ful as we should be with our finances, and so we put our house­hold on a budget.

That got me to think­ing, maybe we need to look at our customer address data­base in much the same way.  Are we push­ing money into adver­tis­ing only to see our budgets stressed because we haven’t adequately budgeted” our mail­ing address data?

As mail­ers we seek out that great market­ing plan, and it is fun to make color­ful, eye‐catching mail­pieces. But have we done our due dili­gence to the address data­bases we main­tain?.  Do we keep in mind just how valu­able they are for us to be able to touch our customers?

Here are three ques­tions to ask your­self about your data­base prac­tices:

  1. Are you fixing your address data­base lists when a client moves?
  2. Do you have a good part­ner shar­ing your National Change of Address (NCOA) results with you, and do you make the changes?
  3. Do you put Ancillary Endorsements on your mail­pieces to capture post mail­ing moves?

Or, are you part of the mail­ing indus­try that throws its budgeted funds into the trash because your mail is Undeliverable as Addressed”?

Is it time for you to start budget­ing your customer address data­base?