The National Postal Forum was held this year just a few blocks from Disneyland in Anaheim CA.  Somehow I found that appropriate.  M-I-C…K-E-Y…

Now, I know a lot of the postal executives, and they are all really good people trying hard to do something right. But it does seem that the adage on my desk notepad is true. It says None of us is as dumb as all of us.”  If you also factor in the biggest cast of Disney characters, our federal representatives, what’s happening with our postal system is understandable. Everyone is trying to protect jobs that don’t exist and make the users of the USPS (the mailers, not the recipients) pay for services that just don’t fit a service model that most of us value enough to embrace rate increases to maintain. Well, that just seems dumb.

The future looks uncertain, that’s for sure.  We have Congress, the House, the Postal Regulatory Commission and the Board of Governors all trying to grab the wheel from the Postmaster.  It’s all just politics.  So while, the recent move in Congress to legislate restoring first‐class service levels and mandating Saturday delivery may sound like a great idea.  But won’t that mean reopening facilities and more labor costs?   Someone will have to pay.  There are no free lunches, as they say.

As mailers, we need to be vocal about what is important to us. Join a group, write your representatives, find out what is really going on. The postal system is an important governmental service. It has a huge impact on GNP, it’s still the best direct marketing tool out there and it’s a service that reaches more than any other.

If it’s important to you, say so.