As a member of the Education and Support Team at Ripon Printers, I often talk with customers using differ­ent versions of InDesign. Sometimes it’s hard to remem­ber when a certain feature got added to InDesign. I decided to create a docu­ment that lists all the New Features begin­ning with the fist release of InDesign back in August 1999. Before I started this docu­ment, I was not really famil­iar with creat­ing an Index or creat­ing Footnotes. This docu­ment contains both. That’s one of the reasons I created this docu­ment — to learn new features. Want to know when Multiple Pages Sizes or Live Preflight were intro­duced? The Index makes it easy to find a feature, then click on the page number and go directly to that page. As new features get added, I will continue to update the docu­ment. Please take a look and share your thoughts!

Download file here: InDesign New Features 1.0 – CC (2014)