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CoMail | Sharing Postage Costs

Rising distribution costs for flat-size mail challenge all catalog and magazine publishers, especially those with lower-circulation titles that lack the ZIP Code penetration required to take full advantage of USPS discounts.

We can estimate of your CoMail savings through a free analysis of your current mailing list.

Ripon Printers helps small and mid-size catalogers and publishers reduce postage costs through CoMail. This process allows different flat-size mailpieces to be merged into a common mailstream. By combining multiple titles into one mailstream, more mail can be put onto pallets to qualify for drop shipping discounts. The resulting finer sortation also generates even greater savings through postal worksharing discounts.

We make participation easy and can often provide net postage savings of 10% or more. Our mail distribution team can also help you reduce postage costs by redesigning your flat-size mail to take advantage of lower letter rates, counseling you on lower-cost paper alternatives and providing a free analysis to determine what list hygiene services might reduce postage by eliminating duplicates, ensuring address accuracy, keeping up with address changes and purging names of people who do not wish to receive advertising mail.


Get Our CoMail Tips Book

CoMail tip book Overcome the challenge of high postage costs while meeting critical delivery dates with these CoMail tips. Request a free printed copy today.

Technical Details

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