Our very first press in 1965

Our Favorite Printing Was about Abraham Lincoln

Ripon Printers’ modern history began in 1962 when the Lyke family purchased the Ripon Commonwealth Press, a storied news­pa­per that dates back to the Civil War and covered President Abraham Lincoln. The award-winning news­pa­per lives on under the able lead­er­ship of Tim Lyke, while brother Andy heads the commer­cial print­ing enter­prise – Ripon Printers – now one of North America’s largest print­ing and graphic services compa­nies.

It wasn’t always so large, of course. The customer list was strictly local during the early days, and there were just 13 employ­ees. But a modest web press purchased in 1965 changed the busi­ness substan­tially. With signif­i­cant new capac­ity, Ripon began to produce longer run work region­ally and then statewide. Growth contin­ued unabated, and the print­ing busi­ness was spun off in 1986.

Today Ripon Printers special­izes in the produc­tion and distri­b­u­tion of cata­logs, direct mail, publi­ca­tions and digi­tal commu­ni­ca­tions for marketers and publish­ers. Our company’s hall­marks are flex­i­ble sched­ul­ing, excep­tional customer train­ing programs and equip­ment diver­sity for handling a wide range of needs. The result is a customer expe­ri­ence that is friendly, effi­cient and hassle free.

Leadership Born from Experience

Doug and Audrey LykeThe entre­pre­neur­ial spirit, family values and customer focus of founders Doug Lyke (1930 – 2002) and Audrey Lyke (1930 – 2017) continue to guide Ripon Printers. While Doug’s busi­ness savvy and sales­man­ship helped propel company growth, Audrey’s finan­cial acumen and commu­nity spirit combined to make Ripon Printers a special place to work. We build upon their exam­ples each day.

AndyL-110x153Andy Lyke, President & CEO

Andy began his print­ing career by help­ing out at his family’s weekly news­pa­per, sweep­ing floors and insert­ing flyers into weekly shop­pers. He went on to attend the University of Notre Dame and completed a bachelor’s degree in account­ing. After spend­ing two years in the Chicago office of Arthur Andersen as a staff audi­tor, he returned to Ripon Printers in 1985 as the company’s controller and then became pres­i­dent and CEO in 1999. Always look­ing toward the future, Andy laid the foun­da­tion for our leap into the digi­tal age.

Julie NewhouseJulie Newhouse, Director of Customer Care

Julie fulfills a vital role that recog­nizes the impor­tance of being a customer-centric orga­ni­za­tion and builds upon Ripon Printers’ strong commit­ment to customer service excel­lence. She brings nearly 30-years’ expe­ri­ence in the graphic arts indus­try includ­ing manage­ment roles in prepress, manu­fac­tur­ing, custom prod­uct devel­op­ment, sales and customer support. Julie adds new dimen­sions to our customer expe­ri­ence that help make Ripon Printers a preferred supplier.

TimL-110x153Tim Lyke, Publisher of the Ripon Commonwealth Press

After grad­u­at­ing in 1981 from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN, Tim moved to the Twin Cities where he helped over­see a system of 12 Montessori pre-schools. He then spent five years as editor of a four-edition weekly news­pa­per until his father invited him home to publish the Ripon Commonwealth Press, a publish­ing enter­prise that now includes The Express shop­per and a summer vaca­tion tabloid, The Green Laker. Tim helped the publi­ca­tions evolve into peren­nial award winners for excel­lence.

JeffS-110x153Jeff Spence, Vice President of Operations

A Ripon Printers employee since 1988, Jeff’s exten­sive back­ground includes lead­ing the company’s prepress tran­si­tion from conven­tional to digi­tal work­flow, as well as roles in esti­mat­ing, purchas­ing, customer service, account­ing and infor­ma­tion systems. A grad­u­ate of the Graphic Arts Management program at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Spence” also played key roles in two other major initia­tives – lead­ing the company’s lean enter­prise efforts and over­see­ing the inte­gra­tion of Ripon Printers’ first major acqui­si­tion.

JeffH-110x153Jeff Hopp, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Jeff joined Ripon Printers in 1992, work­ing as a third-shift web press­man. He then moved into the esti­mat­ing depart­ment where he stream­lined processes and became depart­ment super­vi­sor. Jeff’s abil­ity to work effec­tively with both the sales staff and customers ulti­mately earned a promo­tion to the exec­u­tive manage­ment team as vice pres­i­dent of sales and market­ing. His many accom­plish­ments include devel­op­ing a high caliber inside and outside sales team that success­fully serves our national customer base.

First 2-story installation of a Man Roland press in the US

The Beast Arrives

There have been a lot of tech­no­log­i­cal mile­stones at Ripon Printers (with more to come), but the arrival in 2004 of our first 8-unit MAN Roland Rotoman N heat­set press launched a whirl­wind of change. It was the first stacked” instal­la­tion of the press in North America and neces­si­tated our eighth build­ing addi­tion, increas­ing total square feet to 244,000.

But the MAN Roland repre­sented much more than a new press. Its arrival trans­formed us into a heat­set web printer and opened new markets. The advanced tech­nol­ogy further encour­aged the addi­tion of comple­men­tary tech­nolo­gies from 100% digi­tal work­flow systems to our first vari­able data digi­tal press.


The Awards Keep Coming

A funny thing happens when highly trained, compe­tent people set out to do their very best work in a collab­o­ra­tive envi­ron­ment. People notice. That’s how it works at Ripon Printers. We have great customers who design great print mate­ri­als, and then we put every­thing we’ve got behind making those pieces really shine. The result is often an award for design and print excel­lence from a wide range of pres­ti­gious regional, national and inter­na­tional compe­ti­tions. We invite you to view what we’ve accom­plished with our customers and think about what we could do for you.

Working at Ripon Printers.

If you’re look­ing for a company to call home, consider a career at Ripon Printers. Our employ­ees aver­age 15 years of expe­ri­ence with the company and enjoy career enhanc­ing cross train­ing and skill devel­op­ment programs. We offer compet­i­tive wages, a robust bene­fit pack­age and an excel­lent work envi­ron­ment. Many of our bene­fits are pre-tax and come under our Flexible Benefit Plan, which gives employ­ees choices for their annual elec­tion of bene­fits.

Awards We Share with Our Esteemed Clients

I’d like to person­ally thank our many customers who entrust us to produce their most impor­tant work. We take that respon­si­bil­ity seri­ously and contin­u­ally invest in the people, tech­nolo­gies and systems required to print at the high­est level. The many awards we’ve won together are a testa­ment to the wonder­fully collab­o­ra­tive rela­tion­ships we enjoy.


2017 Graphic Excellence Awards

Sponsored by Great Lakes Graphics Association

Web Press Printing, coated paper (4 or more colors)

DuPont Luxury Portfolio International,  Best of Category

Product/Service Catalogs (cover sheetfed, interior web):

Trek Project One Catalog,  Best of Category

Novelty Books:

Lake County Press — Indy 500 — 100th Running, Best of Category

Booklets (4 or more colors):

Lionell 2017 Signature Edition, Award of Excellence

Magazine Series:

Elite Traveler, Award of Excellence

Product Catalogs (4 or more colors):

Dream in Kohler, Award of Excellence

Juvenile Books:

Junior Great Books — Series K Vol 1 – 3, Certificate of Merit

Architectural/Art/Travel/Other Magazines:

Alcoholmanac 10th Anniversary Issue, Certificate of Merit

Product Catalogs (4 or more colors):

Pursuit Ride/1.0 — 2016, Certificate of Merit

2016 Graphic Excellence Awards

Sponsored by Great Lakes Graphics Association

Magazines (cover: sheetfed, interior: web):

Elite Traveler — Into the Wild,  Best of Category

Architectural/Art/Travel/Other Magazines:

MI Magazine — Issue 1,  Best of Category & Best of Division

Web Press Printing, Uncoated Paper (4 or more colors) Heatset:

Do You Dream in Kohler?, Best of Category

Booklets (4 or more colors):

Wigwam — The Look Book 2015,  Best of Division

Product Catalogs (4 or more colors):

Victor — Issue 1 — 2016, Best of Division 

Booklets (4 or more colors):

Floriology — 6th Anniversary Issue, Award of Excellence

Soft Cover Books:

Trek — Brand Book, Award of Excellence

Product Catalogs (4 or more colors):

Trek — Welcome Book, Award of Excellence

Internal Communication Pieces (4 or more colors):

Wisconsin Bike Federation, Certificate of Merit

Service Catalogs (4 or more colors):

Wheelhouse — Summer 2015, Certificate of Merit

Fashion/Health/Pop Culture Magazines:

Weird N.J. — Issue #44, Certificate of Merit

Product Catalogs (4 or more colors):

TechFlex — Braided Sleeving Solutions, Certificate of Merit

Magazine Series:

Alcoholmanac — Southeast Wisconsin, Certificate of Merit

Product/Service Catalogs (cover: sheetfed, interior: web):

Divers Alert Network (DFAPro), Certificate of Merit


Celtic Spirit — 2016 Calendar, Certificate of Merit

2016 Premier Print Awards

Sponsored by Printing Industries of America

Web Press Printing (4 or more colors, uncoated paper):

Do You Dream in Kohler?, Best of Category (Benny)

Product/Service Catalogs (Cover-sheetfed; Interior-web):

Trek — Custom — Project One, Award of Recognition

Product Catalogs (4 or more colors, printers with more than 250 employees):

Lionel — 2016 Ready To Run, Award of Recognition

Digital Printing — Brochures and Booklets (4 or more colors):

Kohler — Trends 1, Award of Recognition

2016 Gold Ink Awards

Sponsored by North American Printing Company

Digital Printing, Marketing Collateral

Wigwam — The Look Book 2015, Bronze Award

Consumer Catalogs, Sheetfed

Victor Jet Catalog — Issue 1, Pewter Award

2014 – 2015 Graphic Excellence Awards

Sponsored by Great Lakes Graphics Association

Web Press Printing/Uncoated Paper/4 or more colors/coldset:

University of Wisconsin Press — Wisconsin in Print 2015, Best of Category

Web Press Printing/Coated or Uncoated Paper/1, 2 or 3 colors:

Marketing & Print Services, United Chemi-Con Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Best of Category

Brochures and Broadsides:

Everglow Gas Lamps & Torches, ProFire Grills, Best of Division

Product/Service Catalog (cover: sheetfed; interior: web):

TREK Retail Guide, Award of Excellence

Product/Service Catalog (cover: sheetfed; interior: web):

VFImagewear, Harley Davidson Dealer Catalog, Award of Excellence

Fashion/Health/Pop Culture Magazines:

Weird New Jersey, Issue #43, Award of Excellence

Web Press Printing/Uncoated Paper/4 or more colors/heatset:

Print Management Group, Philips Lighting Catalog Lamp Specification, Award of Excellence

Web Press Printing/Coated Paper/4 or more colors:

TREK Travel, Catalog 2015, Award of Excellence

Web Press Printing/Coated or Uncoated Paper/1, 2 or 3 colors:

Kohler/Sterling, 2015 Price List, Award of Excellence

Soft Cover Books:

TREK, Brand Book, Fall 2015, Award of Excellence

Magazines (cover: sheetfed; interior: web):

Elite Traveler, March/April 2014, Award of Excellence

Programs/4 or more colors:

Metrographics Printing, Special Olympics 2014 USA Games, Award of Excellence

Internal Communication Pieces/4 or more colors:

Wisconsin Bike Federation Magazine, April 2014, Certificate of Merit

Programs/4 or more colors:

YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids, 2014 Fall Programs, Certificate of Merit

Directories & Source Books:

BloomNet Directory, Jan-April 2015, Certificate of Merit

Magazine Series:

Alcoholmanac — Oct/Nov 14, Dec 14/Jan 15, Feb/Mar 15, Certificate of Merit

Digital Printing – On-Demand:

Celtic Spirit, 2015 Calendar, Certificate of Merit

Web Press Printing/Coated Paper/4 or more colors:

Austin Adventures 2015, Certificate of Merit

Newsletters/4 or more colors:

Wells Fargo Advantage Funds, October 2014, Certificate of Merit


1 – 800 Flowers Workroom Poster, Fall/Halloween, Certificate of Merit

2015 Premier Print Awards

Sponsored by Printing Industries of America

Web Press Printing (1,2 or 3 colors, coated or uncoated paper):

Marketing & Print Services UCCAluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Best of Category (Benny)

Web Press Printing (4 or more colors, uncoated paper):

University of Wisconsin Press Wisconsin in Print 2015, Certificate of Merit

2014 – 2015 Gold Ink Awards

Sponsored by North American Printing Company

Digital Printing, Calendars

Celtic Spirit 2015, Silver Award

Digital Printing, Photo Books

Trek Inspirational Travel — Moscow, Pewter Award

Magazines, Event Programs

2014 Special Olympics USA Games, Pewter Award

Our Sustainability Commitment

Ripon Printers is commit­ted to produc­ing print mate­ri­als that address the current needs of content providers and consumers with­out nega­tively impact­ing the abil­ity of future gener­a­tions to provide for them­selves. We support a vari­ety of programs that protect, preserve and enhance the envi­ron­ment. Emission control, source reduc­tion and recy­cling are the main focal points of our Environmental Policy.

We work collab­o­ra­tively with customers to address the entire print produc­tion and distri­b­u­tion supply chain. Our holis­tic approach helps content providers consider how their mate­ri­als will be printed, distrib­uted, used and recov­ered, as well as the impact of the actual raw mate­ri­als used in produc­tion.